August 23, 2006

The future is reborn in our hearts

These are the end of days
When his children shall scour the earth
Crawl from the cracks in the earth
From deep within the core
The angels of hell are scaled
Fire-breathers, demons of madness

These are the end of days
But god's angels man the gates to humanity
They are the keepers of dreams
Watchers of god himself
Because we are created in her image
An image defined by the individual we

These are end of days
The battle has begun over deserts
When it should be fought in our hearts
The illuminati has redefined our futures
Taken us to the precipice
And violently whispers us over the edge

These are the end of days
These are the end of days
The future lies in our voices, in our hearts
And in our pursuit of truth

The end of days shall end
And we shall return to the beginning

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