August 24, 2006

We lie together

She idly pours herself over me
Oblivious to the intensity of the simple act as I bend into her
I feel her fill all of me and I return the favour
We drift rudderless feeling our way over the waves of a turbulent ocean of desire
We have become every song, every poem, every manifestation of erotic thought
We have become every illusion and every fantasy as we realise the silences that precede acts of lust
We have turned our backs on society's political correctness
And colloborate in a duet that celebrates the physical and spiritual
Untainted by romantic notions of love

Have you ever your heart stop at the moment of climax and touched the heavens, even for a moment?

The spirit returns to its place amongst the stars before being jolted back to this physical reality
In that lies the beauty
Love, at that moment, is a mere after-thought that we bask in while sharing a cigarette
Or simply catching our collective breaths

Without lust
Can love
Make a home
In our consciousness

She sleeps
And I follow closely

Is there anything sweeter
Or more perfect
That this moment?


Rethabile said...

Kojo, I like this. I really like it. Keep it up, whatever it is... You're obviously doing something right.

Thami Mhlanga said...

Nice one Kojo,reminds me of Lebo's CD launch...Cool runnings

much love and blessings

swati said...

this kojo is beautiful, dont stop


kojo said...

thx guys. who knows where these thoughts come from.