August 10, 2006

grammatical error

i was born a metaphor
incomplete, not quite whole
like august wind
like summer's heat
like a crooked street
like a butterfly in heat
like a heart off-beat
like a dream unlived
like lessons unlearned

i was born incomplete
like a metaphor without an end
like a random thought
like an error disrupted
like - like - like - like

i exist on the edge of a razor
standing on the outside
speechless, depleted
silently evicted

i hide myself behind cracked mirrors
my laughter echoes like a desert winds
undressing the trees
and stroking their limbs

I thirst like a hole in the ground
beyond the earth's crust is lava
crystals of unformed diamond
the grime of a dying planet
drains me of bodily fluids

i worship at the feet of druids
and priests and new age do-gooders with flowers in their hair
equal opportunity generation
misguided ancients
i am a manifestation of their nightmares
built on fading dreams

i am like a metaphor soon to be complete .........

1 comment:

Imperfect said...

i can't get enough of your work.
you're amazing.