August 02, 2006

Why fight when the battle has already been lost

The relics of today
Hatred multiplied infinitely
The beat of the drum
Precedes a death march
Madness is a cop-out
Difference is a medal to be worn
Tomorrow we shall all be dead
And our children shall project our insanity
Settling scores we failed to complete
The pitter-patter of their feet
Shall echo into the silence of death's screams
We dare not dream
We shall never be free
The heavens bleed
The earth dry heaves
But there is nothing left for it to vomit
The apocalypse has arrived
We just don't see it yet
Sadness is a luxury that only the sane have
The rest wander blindly through the corridors
Hoping for a sliver of hope
Accepting that it is not meant to get better
Night has come
And the only peace on earth
Is in the silence of sleep

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