August 30, 2006

In cold blood

Blood runs cold
Clotted and thick
Drops splatter onto the tiled floor
Squeezes between the unseen cracks

They reach out with fire
Burn the bridges of humanity
How easy it is to take a life
When life's meaning is lost
In the cracks in the universe

Yet they speak like we do
They laugh, they cry
They bleed and once they dreamed
But we stand poles apart
On the edge of extremity
The uninhibited and the inhibited
My blood runs hot
And theirs is cold

August 29, 2006

Unspoken letter

You and I exist in the wind
It carries our unspoken
It whispers our silences
It is the only place
Where we can allow our desires to flourish

We have reached a state of turmoil
That has become natural
Our lips speak untruths
While our silences shout what is real

We are drifting aimlessly
Because we fear definition
Once the truth is spoken
It takes form
And we cannot allow it to take root

August 26, 2006

Cause & effect

What's ur cause?
Do you bleed tears in the face of poverty
The skeleton is children breathing death
As life leaves their bodies prematurely
Mothers powerless
While their souls turn to dust
And their hearts break with every laborious cry

Are animals ur thing?
Have you protested against whaling
Cried when your favourite puppy died
Taken comfort in a purr against your ear

Or is global warming what burns indignation into your spirit
As your fellows pursue their selfish purpose without thought for the inevitable extinction of our species
Glaziers melt and drown cities
The earth opens up and takes back what belongs to her

What is your cause?
What tragedy bleeds ur heart?

August 24, 2006

We lie together

She idly pours herself over me
Oblivious to the intensity of the simple act as I bend into her
I feel her fill all of me and I return the favour
We drift rudderless feeling our way over the waves of a turbulent ocean of desire
We have become every song, every poem, every manifestation of erotic thought
We have become every illusion and every fantasy as we realise the silences that precede acts of lust
We have turned our backs on society's political correctness
And colloborate in a duet that celebrates the physical and spiritual
Untainted by romantic notions of love

Have you ever your heart stop at the moment of climax and touched the heavens, even for a moment?

The spirit returns to its place amongst the stars before being jolted back to this physical reality
In that lies the beauty
Love, at that moment, is a mere after-thought that we bask in while sharing a cigarette
Or simply catching our collective breaths

Without lust
Can love
Make a home
In our consciousness

She sleeps
And I follow closely

Is there anything sweeter
Or more perfect
That this moment?

August 23, 2006

The future is reborn in our hearts

These are the end of days
When his children shall scour the earth
Crawl from the cracks in the earth
From deep within the core
The angels of hell are scaled
Fire-breathers, demons of madness

These are the end of days
But god's angels man the gates to humanity
They are the keepers of dreams
Watchers of god himself
Because we are created in her image
An image defined by the individual we

These are end of days
The battle has begun over deserts
When it should be fought in our hearts
The illuminati has redefined our futures
Taken us to the precipice
And violently whispers us over the edge

These are the end of days
These are the end of days
The future lies in our voices, in our hearts
And in our pursuit of truth

The end of days shall end
And we shall return to the beginning

August 22, 2006

Visual Fantasy

The eyes are windows to eternity
Reflections of infinite dreams
Lived in fantasy
How beautiful they are
Speaking in truth
When the lips speak detours

Our souls peer from behind them
While we attempt to guard our fragility
Our pupils expand and contract
When we least want them to
And so we hide behind man made shields
Afraid that we shall reflect truth always

August 21, 2006


Her eyes speak volumes
The depth of passion
Vibrates beneath her skin
Her lips tremble
When we touch
As she mirrors the murmurs of my lust
And moans a collective sigh

We are piano keys playing harmoniously
We are every instrument played
We are every song sung
We are a duet between lovers

She exhales into me
Her breath leaves a residue of passion on my tongue
Before tracing my insides

I crave her like cocaine

August 20, 2006


He sings the words I wish I could speak
This son of warring factions
Perches himself on the face
Inhales the best of two worlds
And spits out a spiritual truth

There is nothing greater
When your unspoken words
Come back at you on wind
They dance between the spirit's strings
Take ownership of your heart
And send you flying into yourself

You drown in the waters of his song
His fingers play your soul like an acoustic guitar
His voice carves truth into your skin
His heart is yours, speaking on your behalf
You return to silence because any thought you speak will be inadequate
Instead you listen to him speak your words
Instead you let him unwrap the petals of you
And lay you bare before humanity

It is possible to love spiritually
The physical an inconvenience you do not allow yourself
It is possible to transcend the trivial pre-determined ideals of human ego
It is possible to be engulfed by that which is born of another man or woman's mind
Without expectation or demand
It is possible to be in love with music
And those that give birth to it

(Wrote this while watching Lenny Kravitz Unplugged. My dream is to write a book filled with poems about my favourite artists. Those who overwhelm me and, often, silence me with the beauty of their creativity. Those who speak my words when I am speechless. They are so many: Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Terence Trent D'Arby, Seal, Carlos Santana, Darius Rucker, Bob Marley, etc. There are artists I enjoy, but there are also those who engrave their words and sounds on my heart.)

August 17, 2006


My Development has been Arrested
So I travel Lyte
In search of the Lost Boyz
There were last seen in between the 2nd and the 3rd Bass
Puffing on a phat Mary J

Big Daddy is in court as witness for the trial of the year
Kane killed Abel and figures its no Biggie
He's Notorious, sees himself Smooth
Never been out of jozi
But reckons he's got peeps in Boogie Down

Meanwhile these thoughts weighing me down
Just plain Heavy, like my friend Darrel, but we generally just call him D
He into sound EFX

It's raining and the hail coming down like Ice Cubes
Was feeling Brand Nu this morning
So so def jamming to Dre on my walkman
I'm a Brat, this I know, oh so Grand
But my baby cares for me
We spend our weekends
Picnicking under a cypress tree on the hills of the city

The years have slipped by

August 15, 2006

The muse

Her eyes reflect the sunlight
Blind passers-by with their fury
Her lips twitch
Words caught between her teeth
Fire seeping from her lips

They carved her infamy in the walls
Spoke her secrets in dark alleys
Whispered her madness behind closed doors
Yet she heard every inference
Inhaled every whisper
And she has come to enact her revenge on their souls

Every artist,
every poet,
every musician,
every singer,
every being that dreamt of lying in her arms shall perish at the flickering tongue that she wields

They feigned to speak for her
History shall be reversed
And perceived beauty, and word, and rhythm and harmony shall be made right

She has returned to where it once started to start things over

August 13, 2006

From light to dark

The purpose of life is to end
The count down to darkness
Is the waiting room
A state of limbo
A temporary construct
An artificial lab
An experiment with no conclusion
Other than death

Real living starts beyond the here
Real life starts in the after
In the space between death and birth

The space between heaven and hell
Is all an illusion
A metaphor in which we inhale breath's likeness

Await true birth when that breath leaves our bodies
Only then shall the answers come
Because everything that has a beginning must end
And in that end, we are reborn
To start all over again

August 10, 2006

grammatical error

i was born a metaphor
incomplete, not quite whole
like august wind
like summer's heat
like a crooked street
like a butterfly in heat
like a heart off-beat
like a dream unlived
like lessons unlearned

i was born incomplete
like a metaphor without an end
like a random thought
like an error disrupted
like - like - like - like

i exist on the edge of a razor
standing on the outside
speechless, depleted
silently evicted

i hide myself behind cracked mirrors
my laughter echoes like a desert winds
undressing the trees
and stroking their limbs

I thirst like a hole in the ground
beyond the earth's crust is lava
crystals of unformed diamond
the grime of a dying planet
drains me of bodily fluids

i worship at the feet of druids
and priests and new age do-gooders with flowers in their hair
equal opportunity generation
misguided ancients
i am a manifestation of their nightmares
built on fading dreams

i am like a metaphor soon to be complete .........

August 09, 2006


I have lived lifetimes
In a single breath
Traversed the galaxy
With the force of spirit
Danced with angels
In the afterburn of breaking stars
Breaking as in b-boying
The stars break out into head spins, pop-locks to the sound of a meteor's beatbox
The number one contender for planetary MC is blood red mars
Warrior god spits rhymes like no other
Pluto to cold to get fired up
And venus too hot
With enough love to light up a room
Next week
We're having a poetry slam
Coz too many poets sound like failed emcees
No props, just lines, rhyme and reason

August 08, 2006


A subtle twist
A delicate sigh
A gentle smile
A sensitive laugh
A dreamy look
A creamy kiss
A moment becomes eternity
Snapped back to a moment
When eyes open

Drown in infinity, birth child
Ours is a pre-contracted meeting

When the stars collide
They burst into blue and green flame
When we touch
We match that flame
Burn holes into the core
Refill the gaps
When we touch once more

A single-minded existence
Leaves trails of lust of your skin
We are love
We live it
We breath it
We manifest it
But not right now

Let us not defame this pure moment
With love's distraction

August 06, 2006

Plough the seas

The monks are humming
Ancient gothic incantations
In praise of a medieval god
The imman speaks an alternative truth
Calling all to prayer from a distant tower
The priest wraps him-self
In the symbols of his calling

I do not pray
God and I conversate till late into the night
Debate the relevance of it all
And the meaning of truth
We pass a goblet filled with spirit between us
Sip the light that is life
Drink the waters of sanity

Come with me, my child
Let me show you the edge of hell
So that you may see my beauty

I respond, I have lived it already
Show me beauty
That I may ingest the stars
And inhale heaven

I have tried to meditate
But my mind saunters down the alleyways of reality
Never giving me a moment's respite
I was born of fishermen and farmers
Colonial blue collar men and women
Who sought not meaning
But relevance
They dreamed not of control
But positive influence
They did not hold down
But gave wings to the wind
And sent their children soaring

And I am one of them
Their children
I carry the fire of their pain in my belly
Suckle on their laughter with my pores
I taste the yam, cassava and okra in their smiles
I sip their sauerkraut, eisbein and wurst from their smiles
They often interrupt my conversations with god with smiles
Ancient voices that channel wisdom
Down my ethereal umbilical cord
Often she watches from god's side
Never speaking, just smiling
Dreams infused
Eyes amused
Languish in truth
Eyes tortured
Spirit abused
Will we ever be together?

Collateral Damage

Rebirth is a burden
We remain ignorant to
In the resurrection
We fall short of perfection
Random imitation
Of a god we don't believe in
Shades of brown
Tales of clowns
Flesh sold by the pound
Falling bombs
Distorted sons
Those who lead are meant to follow
While the true leaders wallow
In a zombie-like illusion
Trace your ancestry
Follow the intricate trail of physics
Quantify your existence
You shall see
That is no real difference between you and me
Beyond my self-inflicted genius
I've taken to listening to silence
The voices only make me feel inadequate
Their screams seem like laughter
And they've stopped answering my prayers
I've taken to talking to blades of grass
Listening to the whispers of leaves in boabab trees
The flowers are shallow
But make more sense than most people I know
Must be the shortened distance between germination and death
All they crave is water and sunlight
While we seek another aimless reason to fight
If I could take flight
I would
I was born into this species
Diseased minds
Degraded hearts
Corroded laughter
Acid rain tears
Burn holes in my sanity
Soon it shall be time to leave
May the universe reincarnate me as a lowly tree
Somewhere far or within a restricted area
To be human is to be expendable
And I am tired of being fodder
12 monkeys sit on a tree
And plot my destiny
All I want is to be free
All I want is to be free
From what?

I don't know!

August 04, 2006

11.02.2006 (1)

The date in the title is when I wrote and posted ( the first four lines. Today I played & the results are below:

Our shadows dance beneath the pale blue moonlight,
our spirits graze the stars,
frolick in the aftermath of angel dust,
love & lust stroke our laughter,
life is lived in chapters of 10 lines,
each a decade in time's linear confusion,
none of the 10 lines actually rhyme,
we are left with the randomness of chaos,
broken down to the smallest of atoms,
let's sit in a circle around candles,
get drunk and define it seance,
though the only dead we speak to are reflected in the wine,
our cups overfloweth with the lies we tell ourselves,
who's to blame for ignorance?
our parents?
the semi-erect sapien who first walked the earth on our behalf?

The teacher's duty is to themselves,
but who shall lie to the nation,
we do not think,
hence the increasing demand for drink,
if only it came through the taps,
our trough relabelled sink,
aluminium glistens giving our thoughts a metallic tinge,
our parents whinge at the state of education,
moulding their children into lighter shades of themselves,
let us not dwell on the hues of stupidity,
the opaqueness of our neighbours,

on the continent,
we rarely hear the lion roar,
live to far from the zoo,
for the african stereotype to remain true,
lost in the oceans of confusion,
atlantis only appears when you close your eyes,
how loud does a mermaid scream,
when her heart has been broken by a land dweller,
glamour rests not on the surface,
but in the blueness of the sky and sea,
wanton melody is a thought,
fragments into a song played out of tune
The beauty of thought is its ability to dance across lifetimes unrestricted to one line

August 03, 2006

we are not worthy

lost in a labyrinth
amazed at the intricacy of a maze
when I hunger I graze
for words between a book's page
read between the minds
truth is a three letter word full blown
eternal flame is a thought still growin
the birth of the beauty is an unknown
drop to your knees and give praise to man-made prophets
murder on my mind
stumped for a word that rhyme
one day I shall learn to dance in a straight line
mother, please forgive me
my thoughts dance between the planets
never resting long enough to see you

some thoughts never end and I have no idea where this is going but I must end it. my excuse: reading saul williams - the dead mc scrolls. what I am reading at any given moment tend to influence how my thoughts connect or do not connect. easy. kojo

August 02, 2006

He is truth

The drunken master sidesteps nature's swipes and tiptoes over waters
His prophecies are yet to come true
So he keeps on moving
Grooving to an intoxicating beat
He is man dressed in drag
Seeking his feminine side
And a little peace from heightened awareness and dreams
Trees have lost their leaves
But it is not spring
Flowers bend under the weight of the sun but it is alarmingly cold
The snows have melted but ice clogs every street

He is a son of the earth
Through him the blood of humanity runs
Mixed together to form the only colour there is
He picks no sides, has no allegiance to no flag
Hate is man-made
And he is born in the image of God
He is born in the image of God

Why fight when the battle has already been lost

The relics of today
Hatred multiplied infinitely
The beat of the drum
Precedes a death march
Madness is a cop-out
Difference is a medal to be worn
Tomorrow we shall all be dead
And our children shall project our insanity
Settling scores we failed to complete
The pitter-patter of their feet
Shall echo into the silence of death's screams
We dare not dream
We shall never be free
The heavens bleed
The earth dry heaves
But there is nothing left for it to vomit
The apocalypse has arrived
We just don't see it yet
Sadness is a luxury that only the sane have
The rest wander blindly through the corridors
Hoping for a sliver of hope
Accepting that it is not meant to get better
Night has come
And the only peace on earth
Is in the silence of sleep