December 29, 2007

I am your father, inadequately

I had a life once
Lived in selfish abandonment

I do not miss it

I have a life now
Lived in accomplishment

I embrace it

Your deeds are my purpose
Your life a testament
To the bricks I lay
Often without thought

This is a new path we travel
I honestly do not know the way
We shall let it unravel
All we have is desire, and hope, and purpose

I embrace it wholeheartedly
Lay my soul at your feet
Breathe your dreams in
And know that
While we travel this path together
There will be a time when you take the wheel
And find your own way

December 10, 2007

Re-definition of self

I have been doing some introspection on the significance of the Net on me as a human being, an individual, a writer, etc and posted the below on what was my first ever Blog. We hear all this great stuff about blogging but, due to my inconsistency, I haven't been able to effectively sustain any of my blogs. I am trying to change that. This was posted on

Would appreciate your thoughts, if any.

"The Internet, as it re-defines itself, has provided many of us with the opportunity to reach across immense distance to create communities with like-minded people we may never have met in our lifetimes. The advent of collaborative and interactive spaces, like blogs, facebook and MySpace, have created friendships that will last over lifetimes while also allowing many of us to re-establish friendships with those who have moved on.

Sitting in Africa, a continent that has become, once again, a cause for the world, I have always tried to keep abreast, as much as I can, of the developments available to us all. I truly believe that the 'Information Age' is the one era in which there is opportunity for us, as Africans, to start to level the playing field. This Blog was my first one, which I started as a space to discuss the one thing I am truly passionate about - poetry. Since starting this one, I have also started a poetry blog ( in which I post all my unedited raw poetry, two Myspace pages ( and and a space of Facebook. I also have a random e-newsletter that I send out to a growing list of people, in which I share my thoughts on a range of subjects. (Always worry about whether they are relevant or not)

Anyway, I have discovered that it is easy to caught up in all these things but, over the last few weeks, have started to question the purpose of these spaces, and the countless others I have registered with and never used (and will probably never use coz I can't remember my passwords). In my mind: MySpace is a place for marketing myself as a writer and performer - I have two because I only realised you have to register with My Space Music separately if you want to include music; Facebook is for connecting with friends and I have re-connected with friends I haven't spoken to in over a decade; and, Imperfect Poetry is a self-indulgent experiment driven by a need to share and find relevance in my writing. This space? I don't know. That's what I've been grappling with.

But, I do feel this space is important, especially as my first true step into this new world. So, in an attempt to revive this space, I would like to start including my Ramblings on it. At the same time, if there is anyone who still visits me here, I would like thoughts, ideas, guidance, comments, etc on what you would like to see and hear here from a simple, yet confused African (and European) poet and writer trying to make sense of this crazy reality we reside in.

It's been a while. But I'm still here. Are you?