March 23, 2007


Metaphors speak of blood and bloody murder
Of forgotten dreams
Of reality coming apart at the seams
Of fake gregarious rantings
Of misguided hope

This is the current state of breath
Perpetual autumn
The leaves are dying
The flowers curl into themselves
The soil is dry
The rains shall never come

Who will save the children
We can't even save ourselves
Truth is a dagger
Thrust into the stomach
Cleaving its way through the intestines

We no longer want to hear truth
It hurts too much

March 08, 2007

Perfect poetry

Words drill truth
Into dull minds
Clear bacteria
>From diseased minds

Mental root canal
Open heart poetry

Wish they were mine

March 05, 2007

Imperfect poetry

Perfection is a worthy cause
You decide whether you've succeeded or failed

Imperfection is inspiration
It never ends

Dead poets

Poetry often
Doesn't lie

It lasts forever
Even though poets
Must die

For their spirit
To truly live

Lost carriage

She said butterflies
made her cry
Their beauty
Reminded her of lost children


Beautiful things
Can't last forever


Their memory
Often does