November 28, 2007


Dismember yourself
from the umbilical cord of habit
The stars do not rise
To the melodies of your tragedy
They rise anyway
Every day

There's no harmony
In the sharpness of your tongue
No value in your disheveled lifestyle
Tomorrow is for those who wake up to meet it
The sleeping never ingest it

The world does not bow to your pain
It does not taste the bitterness of your tears
Only you feel the bite as they carve their nightmares into your cheeks

There is no conclusion to random words spoken into the mirror
Just a reflection

November 19, 2007

Definition of identity

A star-crossed soul
Stands at the crossroads
There are two versions of insanity
Ours and theirs
Each required clarity
In the definition of identity

Guide me
I am your subject
Victim to your theories of subjectivity
My purpose depends on where you stand

Look beyond what you don't see
Truth lies in the blindness of mystery
I've been around the world in theory

Does that make me less of me
And more of what you want me to be

I took the opposite path
Went from white to black
And have discovered I can't really go back
I am the 'other' your mother told you about

Words have become as random as life itself
Are you still waiting for the great god to come from the sky?
Join the line
There are no short cuts
Who you are today is rarely who you are tomorrow

November 01, 2007

Mission Impossible

On hallowed ground
We ween ourselves
Of infant fears

Ghouls and goblins crawl out the walls of our sanity
To laugh at our juvenile prayers

Caged between white walls
Behind spotless glass
Amidst stainless glimmering steel
And the purring of machines
Men and women engineer our future
They carve pieces from our innermost flesh
Transform it in the name of evolution

A teenage boy watches heroes
Dreams of pausing time to travel between the ages

Man-made metamorphosis can be natural or chemical
The nightmares can become real
Regardless of the path travelled
Some breathe hope
And some inhale terror