April 08, 2008

Writer's block

Can one forget how to write
Blocked for forever
What do you call it
When the words scream never

April 07, 2008

An outstretched hand

Memories are woven into our spirit
Gently laid beneath our skins
Scratch, and they shall come to you
Moments are eternal
They linger on the tips of our souls
Reminders of the once was
That became the is
Roots of what will be

The past reminds us
Of how far we've come
And how much we can be grateful for
The doomsayers shall sing their songs for eternity
They serve as silent clutter
To be ignored

Hope is the fuel that drives the soul
Belief in tomorrow is the nourishment
That wakes you up every day
There is much to be grateful
Live dreams and dream on, sweet dreamer
In your child's smile lies everything you'll ever need
To create a future we can all be proud of