November 04, 2006

What's it all for?

I want to write funny poetry
Stand up comedy poetry
The kind of poetry that brings tears to your eyes and makes your stomach hurt
The kind of poetry that has you sitting in the fourth row
To the side in the hope that my eyes won't catch you
And the words won't speak to you

I want to write movie scene poetry
The kind that speaks to you in moving picture and sound
The kind that has you pondering the hidden meaning when the words have long been spoken
Or dazzles you with words that explode, crash and burn without CGI and any other digital endeavours that may mislead the eye

I want to write poetry that puts Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh to shame
As the words splash a multitude of colour on your mental canvas
Poetry that reaches into your chest, grabs your heart and squeezes it gently

I want to write poetry to dance to
The rare kind that has you bobbing your head to melody only you hear
Shaking your ass and tapping your feet to words that breath rhythm
The kind of poetry that mixes breakbeats with symphony, laid beneath a voice that sings straight through you
As opposed to at you

I want to write early morning poetry
A mantra that brings peace calm and hope
Meditation poetry for the mystery of sunrises
When the world seems clean and peaceful for one short, colourful moment
The kind that makes you feel whole again
And closer to heaven than life in the womb

I want to write cosmic poetry
The kind that traces the rims of the moon's craters
Kisses the stars and basks in the glory of the sun
The kind that orbits randomly between planets,
Even Pluto, despite the demotion,
And rides on the winds of meteors
As they journey through galaxies
In search of their final resting place