February 07, 2009

the witching hour

Witches and wizards conjure spells
To break us free from the blocks on blank pages
Goblins and elves sing a merry song
As they throw pity and shame into fire-filled furnaces
It is the witching hour
When the world sleeps
And the words should come
They don't
In hiberbation it seems they are
Leaving writers and poets in perpetual winter
Look to the children
And rediscover the world
Where colours are bright
And the grey glistens with gloss
For in the witching hour
The words must come
The blank page must be filled
The balance must be re-gained
Inspire souls once more with your thoughts
Make their hearts dance
Their eyes see
That there is beauty in words that speak truth
When life is lived in honesty

February 06, 2009


She lives in the foreplay of life, streaming together endless nights with beauty, her dreams are what she lives, embracing her spirit and giving willingly, I am in awe of this being, this creature of the night, this soul that lives wholeheartedly .... while I watch on, randomly ... in my dreams

February 05, 2009

A partnership

She speaks
And I listen
Without judgement
Without expectation
Without my preconceptions

Her life is hers to live
As is mine
Together we shall conquer the world
The destination is the same
But, sometimes
Only sometimes
The paths we take
Are not the same