May 14, 2007

Confounded mediocrity

The ordinary lingers
While magic lurks
In the distance

We seek to live
beyond the daily

Imagine our infinity
In the legacy
Passed from lips to ears

Our greatest fears
Are of invisibility

Yet mediocrity
Can be comforting

Living merely for today
Without thought of tomorrow
Breeds followers
Who dare not dream
Of a complete tomorrow

Space and time
Are nothing
When not filled with imagination

May 11, 2007


I'm the invisible man
Birth child of giants
Raised in silence
Product of unspoken violence
We can tear at flesh with words
Thoughts unheard
Destiny distorted by expectation

I'm the invisible man
I travel through the boundaries
Nothing can confine me
And so my prison is not belonging
I exist outside the rules
Stand alone
This within are fools
Those without are lonely

We are all invisible
What is the meaning of this vaccuum called reality?

May 10, 2007

Mayhem, Part II

When was the last time
you prayed
When was the last time
you dreamt
When was the last time
you lay yourself
At the altar of your imagination
And created an altered tomorrow

The pitiful seek peace in arrogance
The world owes them a rosy reality
Come on, now
Life owes you nothing
We are not born with stars woven into the fabric of our dreams
Reality is a construct we manifest with habit
Relevance is an exercise we perfect with practice
Sanity is a perspective

We tire of your illusions of grandeur
Bend your knees
Look to the heavens
And create castles of positivity

The world owes you nothing