September 25, 2006


Lady sings the blues
Beneath blue skies
The sun's rays dampened
by the blue tinge in her eyes

The piano man hunches uncomfortably
Over the black and white keys
The piano whispers history's cries

The sax player curls into the sounds
As the sax wails
Melodic storytelling of a history of pain

The drummer lazily beats on the drums
Arms too tired to lift
Heart too heavy to enthuse
The skin of the drum sag
Like the wrinkles on a worn t-shirt

And the lady still sings the blues
Death can be short and painless
But sadly the reaper is otherwise occupied
And is taking is time
So the lady sings the blues

September 22, 2006


On hip hop landscapes
The residues of gunfire
Linger behind every word spoken

Within the towers of its origin
The shallow speak loudest
Flagbearers for the true remain silent

Heightened awareness breeds focus on self
Definition of wealth is in building of self
We create beef where there is none
The wretched scramble for crumbs
Devour each other blindly
Blinded by the minute

September 20, 2006

word speaks

i am the last word to be spoken
when the earth implodes
sucks the humans to death at its core
i will be the last thought
the final state of existence

when their lives flash before the collective eyes
when the sins of their fathers, and their fathers, and their mothers, and their mothers
come home to roost on the volcano's edge
when regret clogs their arteries
and they dream of taking it all back
i shall be the last word to pass their lips

i take no pride in this knowledge
i do not preen or gloat or swagger
it gives no pleasure and no satisfaction
i do not linger in anticipation of that moment
when i am spoken in truth
when all that i am
and all i represent
is whispered to the heavens
in the hope that i shall bring hope
in the wish that i may somehow fulfill the last wish
in the belief that the mere mentioning of me
shall reverse centuries of action

i do not pride in all of this
it gives me no pleasure
to know that i shall be on the tip of millions of tongues
as mankind slips brutally into nothing

i am the last word to be spoken
i am .......................... MOTHER
the last word that will ever be spoken

My rabbit hole

My word is my bond
Fuses me to the thoughts I speak
On the page lies my being
Schizophrenic and contradictory
I mirror the ramblings of my mind
Man is judged by his action
And my action is word
So shall I be judged by word rather than action
I exist at a fraction
Of my potential
My stupidity often rears its cobra-like head
But my word is my bond
So I follow its footsteps across the page
And pray for ambiguity between the lines

September 18, 2006

How high

Faceless man paints murals of heroes on suburban complex walls
The nameless and the soul-less collide on street corners
Brought together by weed smoke
Class barriers crash under the weight of cravings
Natural viral metaphors swim their veins
Multiple blessings born out of living in theory
The practical enactment of blaze is hazy
Truth is changing into reality in a phone booth

September 14, 2006

Animal speak

I have tasted her
Run my tongue across her heart
Suckled passion from her mind
While she raked her nails up my back
We have lost ourselves in turbulent rivers
Caught our collective breath on the edge of waterfall
Drowned in the silence of our moment

The boundary between love and lust is thin
We traverse it easily
Finding comfort in the sounds we create as echoes
There is that moment when we are submerged in the rawness of our coupling
We embrace it and each other willingly
Knowing that we shall slip back across to love's nest
When we are satisfied

The creation of perfection is not in the perfect romance
But rather in the ability to give ourselves freely to each embrace
However we decide to define it

September 13, 2006

Broken love

Give me a word, any word
Something to entice the muse
She's been difficult of late
Teasing me with residues of inspiration
She pecks me on the lips
But holds her lips tight
Not allowing me even the slightest taste of her breath

Share a line, any line
Something that will ignite her passion
Warm her blood
Dampen her soul
And loosen her spirit
We were so close once
Our skins had coccooned to enclose the two of us in beauty
We were inseparable
And I had every thought, every emotion and every poem at my disposal

I suspect she is seeing someone else
I have suspicions that her lips and arms and heat are now for another

Give me a poem, any poem
Mine seems to slither to a stop
Even before I begin

September 12, 2006


Temperature's rising
And we reach across the city
In anticipation of what's to come
The words we speak are practice strokes
We tease each other playfully
Without bravado or doubt
Ours is a dance we have danced many times and still we never tire
We hear the same drum and move to the same rhythm
Which is the work half done
All that's left is the manifestation of pleasure

September 10, 2006

ge inspired

when she cries
the tears sing lullabies down her cheeks
she is a similie in love with ideas
and when they kiss
they kiss so deeply
metaphors get jealous
envious of their passion

it's still early days
their moments are passionate
and there is still much work to be done

in another lifetime
she was in love with adjectives
they lived on blue lines
and dreamt of creating beautiful language
theirs was the birth of romanticism
but adjectives had an unholy alliance with nouns that couldn't be broken

and now similie has found comfort in the arms of ideas
and only time has the answer to the conclusion to this lyrical saga

September 07, 2006


Random words
Alleged poetry about poetry
Thoughts give birth to more thought
Recycled for mass consumption
The wordsmith becomes voice of the masses
And his words are silenced
Consciousness is unconscious of self
Humanity's travails distract from true purpose

Please step aside for the hearse
It carries the body of a poet who died of hunger
Homelessness is the destination of the pure
They seem so sure

Keep it real
Stay true to self as long as we define that truth

I've stopped thinking about the meaning of life
It makes my head hurt
I've taken to eating dirt
Brings me close to my nature
We shall find a home in the soil one day
Even those who get burnt
Everything ends up dust
A smoother derivative of what we have created out of dirt

It's been said that sleep is the shadow of death
Let me succumb to the shadow's warm embrace

September 06, 2006

Words are hard to come by

It is in your silence
That you live your truest moments
Creature of glances and sighs
I hear the words in your breaths
The rise and fall of your chest
The twist of your lips
The gentle thoughts of your eyes
It is in those
And your silence that we find common ground

September 04, 2006

Just another

This is just another love poem
Nothing too deep
Nothing mildly intellectual
Just a regurgitation of chest pains
The nice kind
The kind that seems to rise in the company of her

This is just another love poem
About lips, and hips, and trembling
Lots of trembling
The nice kind
The kind that seems to precede climax

This is just another love poem
About want, desire, need
It consumes, embraces, engulfs
And I bleed tears of joy
It is a poem about me and her
And what happens when we are together
And how we feel when we are apart

This is just another love poem

September 01, 2006


Poetically inclined
Mathematically defined
Word plus word equals truth

X is the unknown

Inquisitive minds diminish with growth
The teenage years are humourless
The adult years are colourless

Word times word divided by truth equals life

We are stuck on a leaking raft miles
From sanity's shore
Kicking at shark fins with our bare feet

Word minus word is a vacuum where thought floats freely
Its randomness is just that

We infrequently dance in tandem
Most of the time we stumble in opposite directions in search of the same rhythm

The square root of word is infinity
A times word plus b times word equals x is the unknown consequence of truth
Childlike reflection of laughter

In the beginning of the word
And on our death beds
The last breath shall be in word