September 20, 2006

word speaks

i am the last word to be spoken
when the earth implodes
sucks the humans to death at its core
i will be the last thought
the final state of existence

when their lives flash before the collective eyes
when the sins of their fathers, and their fathers, and their mothers, and their mothers
come home to roost on the volcano's edge
when regret clogs their arteries
and they dream of taking it all back
i shall be the last word to pass their lips

i take no pride in this knowledge
i do not preen or gloat or swagger
it gives no pleasure and no satisfaction
i do not linger in anticipation of that moment
when i am spoken in truth
when all that i am
and all i represent
is whispered to the heavens
in the hope that i shall bring hope
in the wish that i may somehow fulfill the last wish
in the belief that the mere mentioning of me
shall reverse centuries of action

i do not pride in all of this
it gives me no pleasure
to know that i shall be on the tip of millions of tongues
as mankind slips brutally into nothing

i am the last word to be spoken
i am .......................... MOTHER
the last word that will ever be spoken


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the read. Brilliant. I go away having had my fix of the day. If you stop writing, I'll kill you.

Wait a minute, I wouldn't kill you... your own self probably would!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, yes, brilliant is the word. This makes my sunny but damp autumn Brighton Sunday morning shine more brightly. Gonna book mark this poem.

Kojo Baffoe said...

Hey gentlemen, your words honour me. Thank you. Rethabile, I must admit I've been a bit lazy with maintaining the words on this page. Discovered myspace & that has taken over time and energy. easy

Anonymous said...