July 27, 2008

The cost of living

I was in a supermarket the other day. The scanner wasn't picking up one of my purchases and I jokingly said to the lady at the till that it must be free. Her response, "nothing in this world is free.".

And I replied
Everything comes at a price
A pound of flesh, a bank guaranteed cheque, a money transfer or good old fashioned cash are what's needed to get by

Could someone tell me the price of a friendly smile, a reassuring touch on the arm?
How much does love cost, in its pure, unconditional form?
And the feeling you get dancing in the rain on a hot summer's day?
What do words cost?

Nothing is free
Is that the way life has come to be?


Anonymous said...

Things with real value are free. The rest deserves to be priced.

You choose

Anonymous said...

The BEST things in life truly are FREE. One can never put a price on unconditional love, a sincere smile, the comforting words of a true friend. Each and every day we are the recipients of God's unmerited favour and unconditional love.

Anonymous said...

I think the price is taking the chance to have your heart broken into a million pieces, either by a lover, a friend or a family member.

"The thought" said...

Everything is free in this world infact we put a price on everything to create the illusion of restriction, some in this world can only afford certain things and there fore we are caught up in the game of life looking for freedom of financial security and freedom of comfort these barriers created by the unregulated minds of this world are the same barriers we put before our hearts and therefore confusion as to what we are, what we are doing and where we are truly and really going sets in and true freedom seizes to exist but not gone.
One who has nothing is one who has the possibility of having everything. From nothing comes the possibility of everything that we come to know as our individual or more correctly collective existences.

Live in love, live for love and live with love the key to self realization and what is "true freedom"